How long Is too long? And how often should I use the targeted sessions (sick & irritable, developmental)?

VVB can be used as often as you like. The are no contra-indications. As often as you play music to your child, is as often as you can play VVB to your child. We generally suggest to avoid any over stimulation, keep the frequency volume levels low if you are going to use the targeted sessions (sick & irritable, developmental) for longer than 2-3 hours at one time.

Can I Do Harm?

Absolutely NO. As long as your child is not averse to listening to music.

What Are Energy Encoded Signatures?

VisVibeBaby App is encoded with melodies that consist of frequencies to help assist the mind, body and soul. Music has the power to heal. Our music has been designed to enhance any experience. Each music track has been encoded with natural enhancing brain wave frequencies as well as energy encoded signatures. We have been careful while designing our encoded melodies to not disrupt the current natural brain wave patterns that are already taking place.

What Is Mind Connect?

Mind Connect will activate a series of subtle yet effective patterns designed to stimulate specific brain wave states and moods of your child.

What if my child is not tired, will the sleepy session make them tired?

The sleepy page has very relaxing, and sleepy melodies, yes. It can make anyone tired. However, the sleepy session encoded frequencies are designed to only enhance the natural brain waves that are taking place. If your child is showing signs of being tired, this will enhance and help them reach that state of mind. It will not induce, nor bring your child into a state of sleepy if there is not already natural process in place. Nap times, and bed times will be the best time to use the sleepy session.