Get To Know Us

VisVibe is dedicated to providing a wide range of transformational apps, that includes powerful stimulating melodies with effective results. Our team has specially selected melodies to boost intelligence, build your child’s natural sleeping abilities, create a calm secure environment, enhance creativity and so much more…after all with kids ‘the sky really is the limit’. With our encoded melody feature, we use scientific based audio tones and frequencies that stimulate natural brain wave patterns, as well as target specific body systems. Your journey with the VVB App will not leave you disappointed. Children are our future, it warms our hearts knowing we are able to provide an incredible tool for their everyday lives.

The Music

The VisVibeBaby App consists of natural stimulating melodies to help assist the mind, body and soul. Music has the power to heal. Our music has been designed to enhance any experience. Each music track has natural enhancing brain wave frequencies as well as powerful affirmations. We have been careful while designing our melodies to not disrupt the current natural brain wave patterns that are already taking place.

Control Your Journey

Control the level of frequency, target a specific in-balance, save your melodies to your profile with confidence that what worked today for your child, will work again the next time. The VisVibeBaby App ensures a peace of mind knowing that with just a mobile device, you are allowing nature to continue its course and restore health, balance, as well as maintain a peaceful life for your family on the go!


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