VisVibeBaby Lifetime Subscription


The VisVibeBaby Mobile Application. Available on IOS and ANDROID. Healing & Meditation Melodies For Your Baby & You! Science-backed, Personalized Mindfulness, Give Your Journey A Purpose.


Blending ancient healing sound tones with every day melodies. Guide your baby’s mood with the touch of a button. Our Unique Melodies consist of a series of musical tones designed to stimulate natural brain waves in all different moods through the day. Help boost creativity, build your child’s natural sleeping abilities, target specific symptoms and make playtime one of the happiest parts of their day!

With our encoded melody feature, we use scientific based audio tones and frequencies that stimulate natural brain wave patterns, as well as target specific body systems. Your journey with the VVB App will not leave you disappointed.

2 reviews for VisVibeBaby Lifetime Subscription

  1. Love love love!
    I use VisVibeBaby when trying to get my 6 month old to sleep, works great. Thanks for creating this!

  2. Positive change with my toddler
    I really notice the difference in my toddler when I use this app, all journeys. I notice her health and overall mood stays the same and balanced the more frequent I use the app with her.

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