Real or Surreal? – Energy Medicine & Children!

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Real or Surreal?

First off, don’t be fooled by the name. Energy medicine is neither mystical nor mythical.

“Energy healing often works at levels beyond the physical — areas inaccessible to more traditional forms of medicine,” says Brian Dailey, M.D., an emergency room doctor at Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, N.Y. Not only does Dailey practice and teach Western medicine, but he’s also trained in the field of energy medicine as a reiki master. Dailey is convinced that combining traditional medicine with energy medicine is often the best complement for health, and children can be the best recipients.

What is Energy? “Energy exists as a force in the universe, and in the body. In my view, it’s vibration. We are a vibrating entity and that is a system different than the physical body. The body is the container for the vibratory field.” He explains that illness and discord happen when we move out of step with our own vibratory fields. By bringing them back into harmony, we become in tune and feel better.

Just as massage is meant to help you find physical balance, energy therapy works to help find balance for the rest of you. An energy practitioner’s goal is to help you find peace and calm while reestablishing a harmonious alignment amongst the body, mind, and spirit. The goals are the same when working with children.

Energy at Work
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Energy medicine and children — it’s really not that foreign a concept. Think about how you already use energy therapy without even knowing it. What’s the first thing you do when your child falls down and gets bumped or bruised? You rub the “owie” and make it better. You hug until the tears dry. And you kiss the sore spot. Your child knows your energy is healing — that’s why you’re his first choice for comfort when it comes to pain or fear.

In that same vein, parents already witness the subtle energy that’s at work within their child: They see it peak when the environment is pleasant, when the company is friendly, and when diapers are dry and tummies are full. They see it plummet when the child is in the throes of teething, coupled with short naps and gassy bellies. Positive energies are evident in their welcoming smiles; its absence apparent in too-young furrowed brows.

In many ways, children are blank canvases, with each year of their lives adding another color or element to the work of art. It’s for that reason that energy medicine is a perfect fit for youngsters.

Mietek Wirkus of Bethesda, Md., who has been working in the energy healing field for 60 years as a bioenergy consultant, says children are more sensitive and receptive to energy work than adults because of that blank canvas. “They respond more readily,” he says. Unfortunately, most mainstream medicine does not consider energy work when talking about a child’s health, Wirkus says. “That’s a mistake. It’s an important part of healing.”

From the unborn child to the teenager, age is not a factor when it comes to energy therapy, Wirkus adds.

It can be used in utero before the child is born, especially if the mother is having a stressful pregnancy. Couple that with pregnancy massage, and you create a calmness and security that goes directly into that baby. Stress isn’t the only condition under which energy work can be used in utero. In circumstances of trauma, fatigue, and emotional upheaval on the expectant mother, energy therapy can create peaceful change.

There are even more applications postnatally. Failure to thrive has been reversed, weight gain problems have been upended, and fussy, sleepless babies have been known to quickly calm, all with the help of energy medicine.

Colic is one familiar circumstance easily treated with energy therapy, its painful effects often dispersing in 3 to 5 minutes, Dailey says. A simple, easily-learned reiki technique that directs energy through the hands can quickly calm an inconsolable, colicky child. Dailey says a physician friend, accustomed to driving his two children in the car at 2 a.m. to get them to sleep, used this energy technique with great results. “They both quickly fell asleep in their beds as I rested my hands on each of their stomachs,” the friend relays. “If I had learned this earlier, I could have saved a lot of car mileage.”

Energy therapy works so effectively with children because they have none of the “junk” life adds to our bodies with time. “When we live for a while, we have the clutter, the mental baggage, that manifests in the physical body as illness,” says Ronette (Rayah) Rideout, a Colorado reiki teacher and practitioner who works with children and adults. Adults find ways to armor, to set up barriers — either to hold onto the traumas unconsciously or to protect against further pain. This clutter and these barriers mean it takes longer to access their energy and begin a healing process. Babies, on the other hand, can just draw that energy, whether in utero or postnatally. “The life force goes directly into them,” Rideout says.

The benefits of energy medicine don’t stop just because the child’s canvas starts filling up with age. Energy work also has countless applications for older childhood/juvenile problems — emotional disorders, bonding issues, socialization inadequacies, etc. Sometimes the subtlety of the therapy can permeate the toughest of teenage skins.

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